Announcing on our Nutrition Zone Q & A stage…

Dr Paul Rimmer PhD!

TRTLE Specialist in Women’s Sustainable Weight Loss and Performance.

Dr Paul Rimmer is a registered nutritionist with a background in nutrition for health and athletic performance and is the Director of Nutrition at TRTLE.com specialising in female fat loss and health.
Paul has a diverse range of academic interests, and has studied at degree level and above nutrition, physiology, sports injury and applied biomechanics, which is the area in which he completed his doctoral thesis.

Since completion of his PhD, Paul has worked in professional sports culminating in the creation of his own performance clinic in Leeds ‘Nexus One’. He has also delivered corporate health and wellbeing programs to multinational businesses, and was a part of the original team that launched TRTLE.com.

He also has an education company, specialising in delivering coach education and is a well respected educator and public speaker who has delivered academic presentations and applied coaching seminars in the UK, Ireland and the USA where he also consults with a number of athlete and health programs.

Paul’s roots are firmly grounded in his passion for helping people to be healthier and the development of large scale, affordable weight management programs that can one day hopefully make a meaningful impact on the current obesity epidemic’.

Dr Paul Rimmer PhD has worked with elite athletes across the world and is currently head of nutrition at Trtle.com, a female-focused health business promoting sustainable methods of weight loss with mindset support. Paul Rimmer has overseen an operation helping over 30,000 women with their nutrition with Trtle since 2018.

Q&A Stage
Sunday 3rd October @ 1pm