Coming to the Arnold Sports Festival UK…

Masters Football!

Masters Football is the world’s leading football legends brand. Organizers and promotors of over 250 football events over 22 years at indoor and outdoor venues across the globe, Masters Football has worked with over 3000 footballers. Whether organizing a Manchester Masters event, Singapore Masters tour or players for brand ambassador roles or as media pundits, Masters has a rich history in the industry.

Today football has spread its wings to capture a wider active audience. Women’s football is as popular as ever and football freestyling, which has been around since the early days of Masters is another form of the sport with growing interest.

The Football Zone will host football freestyle exhibitions from three record holding, resident freestylers; Ben Nuttall (Friday), Rebaz Mohammed (Saturday) and John Farnworth (Sunday). Each athlete will be performing demonstrations of freestyle during the day and offer workshops to teach a few lucky attendees some amazing skills. Sign-up early for the workshops as there is very limited availability!

John Farnworth started his freestyling career years back at Masters Football UK events. Just watch what he can do with a football today!

In addition to freestyle demonstrations and workshops Masters Football will also hold 1 vs 1 matches in the “Panna cage”. (First to score a goal or a “nutmeg” stays on.) Prizes offered each day for whoever can stay on for the longest!

For those sports enthusiasts who like to play with a ball the Masters Football Zone will be a fun place to visit.