The UK Hip Hop Crew Championships

The UK Hip Hop Crew Championships, presented by idance®️ is the premier dance event in the UK.

The finals at the Arnold Sports Festival UK are a multi-day, live event featuring the best and showcasing the most technical and impressive dancers from all areas of the United Kingdom, in a breath-taking and exciting face-off to see who will be national champions and have the honour of representing the United Kingdom at the World Hip Hop Championships in America under the unifying concept “ONE Country, ONE Team”

The UK Hip Hop Crew Championships is a family oriented dance event that draws its participants and audience from all areas of the United Kingdom. The audience are treated to amazing dance sequences, awe-inspiring tricks and a stimulating hip hop soundtrack.

The finals at the festival will include up to 5 segments: Eliminations, Prelims, Semi-Finals and Finals, for beginners through to advance dancers and crews. The UK’s top individual dancers and crews of 3-40 dancers will perform in front of a live audience of up to 3,000 people.

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