We are proud to announce a LEGENDARY ‘Meet Your Heroes’ guest…One of the BIGGEST Hollywood actors of all-time, one of the GREATEST action heroes of all-time, he’s Rocky, he’s Rambo, he’s Sylvester Stallone!

Stallone who is appearing on Sunday 3rd October ONLY became a worldwide phenomenon overnight with his first breakthrough project when Rocky I released in 1976 going on to gross $225m worldwide. From then on, his ascendance into Hollywood began with two further Rocky’s and the introduction of ANOTHER legendary Hollywood character in Rambo as First Blood hit cinemas in 1982 and people around the globe had a new action hero to admire.

Throughout the last couple of decades, Stallone has inspired generation after generation and turned characters like Rocky and Rambo into two of the GREATEST ever movie characters of our lifetime. Now he will join his great friend and fellow Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger in inspiring many more at the FIRST EVER Arnold Sports Festival UK this October!

We cannot wait to host Sylvester Stallone at the Arnold Sports Festival UK ONLY on Sunday 3rd October 2021!

Sylvester Stallone photo upgrade tickets will go on sale on the following dates –


GENERAL TICKET HOLDERS – Saturday 7th August @ 10am